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Fields of Gold Michelle
Fields of Gold Showstar
Fields of Gold Showstar
Dob: 26-02-2014
HD: A, NW: 40, ED:0/0,
Eyes: v.v.,
DNA: tested.
Fields Of Gold Butter Pecan MULTI CH. Guldruschen's Winter Collection

CH. Rossmix Hard To Get

Guldruschen's Autumn Sunshine

Sarah's Choice Van Flolain MULTI CH. Inassicas Coriander
LUX.CH.,VDH.CH. Gloi Abacadabra
Fields Of Gold Blue Love In A Mist Solstrimmans Blue Znowball CH. Solstrimmans Song Of Saga
Solstrimmans Zilke
Fields Of Gold Eden KAMP. Magic Minstrel Van Flolain W.'05
Fields Of Gold Elisabeth

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